Day two of the Thank you Tour by Governor Dickson began with a stop over visit to the residence of the Amadabo of Ada-ama Community in Twon Brass, Chief Barrister Serena Dokubo-Spiff. Barrister Dokubo-Spiff had words of appreciation for His Excellency noting satisfaction with the pace and scope of completed and on-going projects in just under eighteen months of The Dickson administration.

Furthermore he expressed the desire of his community to partner with the state in the establishment of a conflict resolution center in Brass. He emphasized the importance of this as it would help reduce the incidence of communal clashes.

Finally, he reiterated the LGA`s resolve to support President Goodluck Jonathan and stand by him against any provocative and derogatory comments from any persons or groups from any sections of society. In a rare moment of interaction, Governor Dickson accompanied Barrister Dokubo-Spiff in a ballad as the Barrister played music from his guitar. It was interesting to see and hear Governor Dickson sing in his native dialect.

The Governor`s entourage moved on briskly to the residence of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, Honourable Victor Sam Ateke for a brief visit. Here customary drinks and pleasantries were exchanged before Governor Dickson was presented with a giant fish worthy for a visiting leader.

With activities at Brass at a close, Governor Dickson proceeded to Nembe LGA where a boat regatta was held in his honor on his arrival as he sat atop a war canoe and waved to the mammoth crowd gathered at the jetty and the banks of the river. It was a kaleidoscope of colors from the different boats and players which brought out the pomp and pageantry of the event that kick started Nembe`s welcome for the Governor.

Gaily dressed ladies in uniformed attires chanted and celebrated the Governor`s arrival while others including men, wore black t shirts with 100% Dickson, inscribed boldly on them. Nembe, like Brass, did not disappoint the entourage with their reception. On hand to greet the Governor at the jetty were the Executive Chairman of the LGA with his able Councillors, traditional Chiefs and rulers in their dizzying mix of rich Colorful attires as well as the general citizenry that were fortunate to find standing room in the limited available space.

From here the procession and entourage was directed to the Palace of HRM King Edmund Daukoru`s at Mingi, where Governor Dickson was bestowed with membership of one of the Kingdoms most revered social clubs, Opu Sekiapu club of Nembe.

The next stop for the entourage was the Hospital which had undergone renovation works of recent. The Governor also commissioned a new Police post with a promise to begin construction of a better and more befitting edifice beginning as soon as next week.

Meanwhile at the Kings civic center in Nembe town an appreciative crowd waited patiently for His Excellency to approach. The venue had been kept lively throughout the day with a witty compere, music, performances by dance groups and a boisterous opening prayer session. Guests came early in a timely manner and with the arrival of traditional leaders, the arena was super charged for the Governor`s expected entrance.

When Governor Seriake Dickson finally arrived, the atmosphere was unbelievable. If you think Brass community showed affection for the Governor, Nembe brought out the people power in him. The atmosphere was definitely thick with emotions of respect and love even as many people were by now shut out from the venue which was already filled to capacity. Governor Dickson went round the arena waving to the responsive crowd who were now singing praises and chanting songs in their native dialect. It was indeed a beautiful scene.

Speeches were read from the State party Chairman, Colonel Ikoloba (Rtd) and cheques totalling sixty million were presented to Rural Development Areas specifically to empower Women through soft loans and access to funds. Much later Governor Dickson was asked to dance in the company of members of the Opu Sepiaku club signifying his acceptance as a member. It was indeed an interesting day.

The Governor surprised the crowd when he announced he would be spending the night in the town. It was indeed a memorable experience at Nembe. One interesting observation noted was this. All the school children seen were properly dressed. All had decent uniforms, proper shoes and well kept hair. It was heartening to see neat students. An unclad young boy , though properly dressed too, was however spotted, being the expected odd one out in every circumstance.

Stay Tune Details of Ogbia LGA Tour Soon












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