I have closely followed Governor Henry Seriake Dickson since his ascendancy to political power. In all modesty, three lessons I have learnt from the leadership style of Governor Henry Seriake Dickson. Firstly, he is a leader who leads by example. This is one ingredient of leadership that is lacking in Nigeria. He has demonstrated this severally. Only recently, the Capital City Development Authority, CCDA demolished part of his private residence to pave the way for the Ogbia High Way.

Secondly, the low profile life of the Governor is another thing worthy of emulation. He came into Government and refused to change even the curtains, chairs and cutlery etc in Government House. This is the first time I have seen a Governor behave in such a humble, low profile manner. Look at the Mighty Castle building in Government House. This massive edifice is being converted into a hospitality infrastructure. Hitherto, it was a fun spot for those in the past administration.

Thirdly, his passion for development is unparalleled. Anytime you engage him, the most topical issues on his mind, which in most cases occupy the front burner of discussion, is how to turn the fortunes of Bayelsa State and the Ijaw nation around.

Governor Dickson has not minced words in our collective journey to self-discovery. Like the Chinese, he teaches people how to fish rather than feed people with fish. In other words, he thinks about strategic empowerment of people – a reason he emphasizes on human capital development. His holistic view of the development of the Ijaw nation is unfathomable. Above all, we have a leader who matches words with actions. This is the crystallization and culmination of a dogged patriot, astute leader and visionary Governor. Here is a Governor who employs non-indigenes because of merit. He gives priority to merit and performance rather than some subjective parameters of performance. He is a bridge builder, a patriot and a rallying point of national integration.
Look at the MoUs signed to bring investment to Bayelsa State.

1. Lagray Chemicals, USA for the development of Pharmaceutical Products.
2. DST Petroleum Ltd for the establishment of a fertilizer plant in Brass.
3. Octopol Energy Ltd for Gas Conversion.
4. Goshen Treasures Ltd: for the Development of Bayelsa Plastic Industry.
5. KABLETECH Nigeria Limited: For manufacturing of Electricity Cable.
6. Ugboduma and Sons Ltd for the Development of Tourism city.
7. Alyn Global Services Ltd: for building of Aquarium Facility.
8. Clinotech Tunkey Management, Canada for the Production of quarry and other concrete works.
9. Sivan Design to develop a world-class Computerized System to run its Geographic Information System (BGIS) with Complementary Service including Aerial Mapping.

10. An MOU with the prestigious Polish Maritime Academy to establish the Bayelsa Maritime Academy

11. A memorandum of Understanding with Lincoln University in the area of human capital development

Governor Dickson needs the support of every Bayelsan in his quest to TRANSFORM BAYELSA STATE. This is a Governor we can TRUST. JOIN THE RESTORATION GOVERNMENT TODAY!



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