For some time now, the anti-Restoration elements are working hard to discredit every good thing government has put in place. Some of them have gone to the ridiculous extend to peddling vile propaganda against every good intention of Government. In journalism, there is a demarcating line between objective criticism and malicious propaganda designed to discredit the good intention of government and misinform the public about government policies and programmes. The latter is what the Committee cannot condone.

Those who may be arrested include Chief Francis Itiokeife, the former Local Government Area Chairman of Kolokuma-Opokuma, Barrister Dennis Otiotio – Former Legal Adviser to Sylva; John Okhai; Okefufe aka Igwe Paulo, Mr. Ineye Ingbaifegha, Sir Tonye Okio, Alabo Martins, Abel Ogboma, Timi Frank, Abule Okara Mr. Samson Douglas Awudulu and Braboke Stanley.

Committee has examined with utter dismay that most of the well-thought out policies of government are either laced with half-truths or outright falsehood by the aforementioned persons. The Restoration Agenda is an enduring ideology that is anchored on truth and justice. Much as the constitution guarantees freedom of expression, there are inherent limitations too, and inability to understand these limitations can always result in litigations.

Committee hereby, for the last time is advising these mischief makers to desist from peddling falsehood against the Restoration Administration. We are a self-respecting government which adheres to the rule of law. We also abide by the code of ethics verging on free and fair dissemination of information unhindered personal idiosyncrasies. The Public Information Management Committee serves as a clearing house for information dissemination in the State and anyone can volunteer information to the Committee insofar as the source is authentic. We expect the public to channel their grievances and complaints to the Committee for clarification, and this is obtainable in all civilized societies. Government welcomes divergent views on policy issues but this must be done in a constructive manner.

We have massive evidence of orchestrated attempts to spread false; unfounded rumours in order bring government to disrepute in the public domain. In all modesty, Committee can no longer tolerate this treachery and deception. Pouring invectives and wanton vituperation on a performing administration such as the Governor Dickson administration is propelled by malice, ill-will and wicked conspiracy.

Committee will no longer tolerate any attempt by any person or group of persons to discredit or drag the good name of government to disrepute. When we hear stories, we investigate and tell the authentic story untainted by bias, political ideology or political inclination. Objectivity, fairness, balanced reportage and truth are the hallmarks of robust journalism. It was for this reason that His Excellency; Governor Henry Seriake Dickson constituted the Committee to introduce sanity into the system and we cannot abdicate this responsibility.

Bayelsa Public Information Management Committee
October 2, 2013


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