Grassroot Restoration Movement (GRM) in its observations on some political issues in Bayelsa State came to a view that some of the publications in various newspapers are so damaging, particularly the publication of the so called self-acclaimed non-existent new PDP on the 19th of September,2013 in the Nation Newspaper is devastating and irritating.

No matter the political crisis, politicians should not involve the Nigeria Police Force into the political gimmicks of our society. In fact, we use this medium to state categorically that there is no political crisis in BayelsaState as the PDP family remains united and stronger as ever. The former special adviser to the former Governor Chief Timipre Sylva, Mr Kpodo Perekeme Richard is not in the right direction by making attempt to implicate the Police Force in Bayelsa State politics.

Grassroot Restoration Movement (GRM) was also pleased with the way the Police in Bayelsa responded and displayed its innocence over the matter. The self-acclaimed new PDP is nowhere to be found in Bayelsa State, all the publications been captioned by the name New PDP is a total embarrassment and misleading as far as Bayelsans are concerned.

We Grassroot Restoration Movement (GRM) had said it before, there is no New PDP in Bayelsa State and it remains so.Mr Kpodo Perekeme Richard, the so called interim Chairman is only misleading the people of Bayelsa State and Nigerians in general.

The self-acclaimed Chairman Mr.Kpodo Perekeme Richard who was Special Adviser on Security Matters to the last administration should bear in mind that, while he was in office the insecurity in the State was much pronounced than it is today, strangers could no longer visit Yenagoa because of the unnecessary killings; cultism was the order of the day as at then. The security outfit called Famoutangbe, was used as a personal security company by Mr.Kpodoh; which failed to provide security in the State. The security outfit was no longer doing things for the purpose it was created.

Bayelsans opposed to the then government could no longer come toYenagoa for fear of being attacked by The former Security Adviser should go back to the records of the days of Famoutangbe and allow Bayelsans to give their verdict whether there is relative peace with Doo-akpo, the present security outfit created by the present administration or not. Mr Kpodor should not talk about security because there was a lot of Bomb blast all over the State.

The just concluded NAFEST and the 2013 World Tourism Day in Yenagoa is an indication that there is relative peace in Bayelsa State.

Nigerians should disregard any statement made by Mr.Kpodor in respect of security in Bayelsa State, because he is only trying to whip up sentimentsagainst the Restoration Government ably led by His Excellency, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson.

Chief Thompson Amule. Mr.Honest Onyerin
President Secretary


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