World tourism day is celebrated on 27th of September. Like every year, this year too, there is a theme – “Tourism and Water: Protecting Our Common Future”. This would underline tourism’s responsibility and the needed commitment in preserving the world’s most vital natural resource, water. Sustainable tourism has been a major concern of the tourism industry.

This year’s World Tourism Day (WTD) theme focuses on tourism’s significant role and contribution to worldwide water conservation efforts. The theme is in line with the UN General Assembly’s declaration of 2013 as the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation, providing the opportunity to further highlight the shared responsibility of the tourism sector to the wider sustainability objectives.

“As one of the largest economic sectors in the world, it is the responsibility of the tourism sector to take a leadership role and ensure companies and destinations invest in adequate water management throughout the value chain. If managed sustainably, tourism can bring benefits to the national and local communities and support water preservation,” said UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai in his official WTD 2013 message. “I urge all those involved in the tourism sector to join our global World Tourism Day campaign and continue to devise innovate solutions to ensuring sustainable access to water resources worldwide.”

From wearing water-resistant sun block to taking a shower instead of a bath, travelers will be reminded to be responsible consumers in the wake of a water scarcity crisis that threatens parts of the world for world tourism day. For the 2013 edition of the United Nation’s World Tourism Day, both the tourism industry and travelers alike will be asked to re-examine their water footprint — particularly given that a record-breaking one billion international tourists traveled in 2012 alone.
source: United Nations World Trade Organization

We shall discuss how the theme applies to Bayelsa State


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