R-L: Bayelsa State Governor and Chairman PDP reconciliation Committee, Hon. Seriake Dickson, Secretary of the Committee, Ambassador Umar Damagun and a member of the Committee, Senator Ibrahim Mantu, during the reconciliation committee meeting with Chairman, Secretaries and other executives of Non – PDP States, relating to the ongoing National Reconciliation of the Party, yesterday in Abuja.

PDP reconcilliation committee keeps growing in leaps and bounds as discussions continued yesterday in Abuja.
In another development, an Obasanjo chaired reconciliation meeting with Governors of the ruling PDP may have come to an agreement of “no victor no vanquished”, with suggestions that both Governors Amaechi and Jang will be asked to step down as leaders of both factions pushing for recognition as elected Chairman. Also The First Lady was identified as a direct source of miscommunication and she may be visited by the group to show concerns for this unfortunate development in party politics.

On the whole, it is becoming apparently obvious that the PDP is fast putting its act in order and gaining momentum and traction on their hold of events unfolding daily in the political sphere. This is a welcome development for party members and Nigerian`s in general who see the party as a unifying force in the country and the only detribalised political party till date.


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