1. Shared Vision: The duo of Governor Seriake Dickson and his Deputy Rtd. Admiral Gboribiogha John Jonah have a clear vision of where Bayelsa State should be is good leadership is entrenched. They all share a vision of a greater Bayelsa, which will be an economic hub of the sub-region, a tourism paradise in Nigeria, a booming economy with flourishing agro-allied industries and sustainable peace and security. It is not surprising that the policies and programmes are geared towards youth development, tourism promotion, entrenching peace and attracting Foreign Direct Investment.

2. Mission: At inception, those at the saddle knew the state of the economy, the massively intimidating debt profile bequeathed by the immediate past administration and what strategies to adopt to escape the peonage of development deficit. This informed initiation and formulation of plans and programmes to kick-start the Restoration Agenda. Bayelsans have seen that in the robust scholarship scheme, the Free Education programme, the agricultural programmes, the youth development programmes etc.

4. Patriotism: Governor Seriake Dickson and his Deputy are patriotic to the Ijaw Cause – a reason they often refer to Bayelsa as the Jerusalem of the Ijaw nation. They added teeth to this patriotic zeal by creating a separate Ministry of Culture and Ijaw National Affairs. Since inception, Ijaw Culture has been showcased to the world.

5. Consistency: Restoration keeps to all his campaign promises and consistency is the hallmark of great leaders. All the plans and programmes of government are carefully designed to align with the overall strategy for development, which revolves around: Reforming governance culture; Educational development: Security of lives and property; efficient Transport System and Organized Private Sector. Others include Restructuring the architecture of government; Accountability; Transparency & Tourism Development aggressive infrastructural Development; Open Government and new Initiative & innovation.

6. Prudence: In recorded history, good and effective leaders are people who use resources efficiently and to maximize the minimum. It is this quality that enables the Governor to attend to many needs/projects at the same time.

7. Development Consciousness: Governor Dickson knows that Bayelsa State since creation has been lagging especially in terms of infrastructure, human capital development and social capital. One of the preconditions of development is peace and stability. He has been able to achieve this by entrenching a security architecture that guarantees safe investment.

8. Looking Beyond Oil: The administration is already preparing the ground for a post oil economy. It is this policy thrust that informs the massive investment in Human Capital and aggressive pursuit of Agro-marine-based industries.

This government is proactive, progressive and forward looking. It is prudent, transparent and accountable. There is value for money, and the architecture of governance has been titrated to turn Bayelsa into the JERUSALEM OF IJAW NATION.

Courtesy: Bayelsa Social Media Committee


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