No Gang-Up Can Uproot PDP – Jonathan.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr GOODLUCK Ebele Jonathan has Spoken and that is the Final

Rivers of Hope


By SaharaReporters, New York

President Goodluck Jonathan has assured members of the Peoples Democratic Party that no gang-up among the other political parties was capable of removing the party from power.

Mr. Jonathan said he liked the way opposition political parties were attempting to merge in order to confront the PDP, but added that the merger of opposition parties was not a threat to the PDP.

The president made the remarks today at the National Executive Committee meeting of the ruling party, which was held in Abuja.

President Jonathan’s full speech:

I wouldn’t say much but when we come for NEC, they will expect the President to make [a] brief remark about topical issues.

Presently, you know there are political issues on ground, there are security issues and, of course, economic issues. I wouldn’t want to go into details.

Political issues, we also listen to

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