As part of activities to mark the 1st year anniversary of the Restoration Administration, the Honourable Commissioner for Information and the office of the Chief Press Secretary mobilized stakeholders in the State drawn from the mass media and the civil society to embark on several bouts of project tours. This was closely followed by the Good Governance Tour organized by the Ministry of Information. We have gathered reports on the performance of the various MDAs, their achievements, challenges and prospects. Now, Government is one year 3months old and we intend to continue with the ranking. On the strength of the reports we have collated and published, the Bayelsa Social Media Committee has elected to rank the MDAs in terms of well established criteria of good governance. The only missing link is to rank the performance of the MDAs. This will guide policy packaging and implementation. We believe that stakeholders will be interested in knowing how the various MDAs have fared since the administration came on stream. The results of the ranking will be published in both conventional and new media platforms. TEMPLATE FOR ASSESSING THE PERFORMANCE OF MDAs Recognizing the need for the effective implementation of the Restoration Agenda, and considering the imperatives of laying down parameters to guide the implementation of government policies and programmes, this template has been provided to assess the performance of MDAs in Bayelsa State. The aim of the assessment is to guide the operation of MDAs and encourage them to perform optimally for greater productivity. The overarching goal is improve the delivery of democracy dividends in Bayelsa State. The Criteria include:
1. Efficiency: In the optimization of human, material and fiscal resources to achieve results.
2. Transparency in terms of conducting governmental businesses.
3. Accountability in terms of accuracy in keeping government official transactions and making such record available got public scrutiny.
4. Policy and programme implementation in accordance to the policy thrust of government.
5. Participation in Government that is involving people in the process of taking decision.
6. Fiscal Discipline in term of budget implementation to meet government long, medium and short term targets and to build trust that money is spent in the right way.
7. Sustainability: How do Ministries and Parastatals implement and sustain their policies and programmes?
8. Public Performance Index: The performance of government Ministries and parastatals in the eyes of the people.
9. Budget Implementation: The degree to which Ministries and Parastatals comply with budget implementation guidelines to meet projected targets in a fiscal year.
10. Result-Oriented Programmes: This explains how the projects and programmes of government Ministries and Parastatals yield tangible results in terms of SMART: Sustainable, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic Timeliness.
11. Due Process Compliance: The ability of any Ministry/Parastatal to comply with stipulated due process and public procurement procedures in terms of contract awards.
12. Contribution to the economy: Here, what is considered is the extent to which Government Ministries & Parastatals contribute meaningfully to the growth of the economy.
13. Synergy: This criterion concerns how government Ministries/Parastatals collaborate and work cooperatively with other Ministries and Parastatals to implement the policies of government. The aim is to ensure the policies and programmes of the Restoration are implemented with increased vigour and greater effectively. We believe that the exercise will enable MDAs to redouble efforts in setting the required standards of performance in accordance with Governor Dickson’s pledge for accelerated development of the State.

Courtesy: Bayelsa Social Media Committee



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