Once in a while, we bring to public notice some of the issues raised by our callers so government can feel the pulse of the people. There are some of the opinions expressed by our callers and those who sent text messages
Micheal Eradiri – Gbarain Clan wrote:
About three months after your administration came on stream, the then Ministry of Manpower Development called us to Yenagoa to fill a skills/ manpower development form. Ever since, nothing has been heard about it. Is it a rumour that the attempt of government was just to deceive the youths of Bayelsa State? Why can’t the appropriate Ministry keep the youths informed about what is happening? Some of the exercise is a farce. What is the true position, Your Excellency, Sir fulfill your promise to the youths of Bayelsa State. We want to work.

Ourman Esendu: 08072130889
Sir, I am well pleased with the Dickson’s Government. I am overwhelmed with the way he is developing the state in just one year. Now, I hear he is given soft loans to small business owners. How can I participate? I need the loan as well to help grow my business. Thanks.

Seigha Ineife – 08185725878
Pls, why some of the restoration policies of Governor Seriake Dickson are anti-career? We are more than 500 graduate staff deployed from environmental to Subeb Okolobiri via class room, 70% of us are B.sc and forced to go and teach. Pls, we need some explanation why the salaries of the 500 of us are not been paid regularly by SUBEB? Is six months now, since we were deployed. They pay us 2nd week of the new month and now we have not been paid for April why? Finally, help advice the governor. He should restore our career back, because most of us did not choose teaching as a career and we resist any attempt of trying to subject us against our dreams. There are a lot of B.Ed graduates who are yet to be employed. So we beg to be transferred or deployed back to the main stream of the civil service where we can practice and grow in our area of endeavour. Pls restructure the civil service system.

SEIGHA LATER WROTE BACK: Thanks a lot 4 replying me. It shows ur really working. They have started paying us our salary. I really appreciate.

Gift – Yenagoa – 07037702258
There are rumours that the Dickson administration will not pay political appointees who served in the immediate past administration. There is palpable fear that Government has reneged on her promise to pay members of out gone Parastatals, Commissions, and Boards. I thought that government is continuity and new administration takes the burden of previous administration. I am not a direct person removed from the parastatals but I depend on one of them, please, Your Excellency, make your position clear on the issue so you can give some of us hope to support your laudable policies.

courtesy: Bayelsa Public Information Management Committee


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  1. Ever because I posted a resume on Careerbuilder, I have received dozens of emails and phone calls from insurance companies with “job” offers. What will be the deal with this particular? I have no background in insurance….are they that desperate for sales people?.

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