There will be another civil war if Jonathan is impeached – Asari Dokubo

Former President of Ijaw Youth Congress (IYC) and leader of Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF) Asari Dokubo on has said that those those who want  President Goodluck Jonathan impeached are looking for another civil war.

Mr Dokubo, who addressed a press conference in Abuja on Monday,  said “we are saying that nothing must happen to Jonathan because if anything happens to him, the world will know.”

Speaking on the Boko Haram insurgency, Mr Dokubo said “the arrogance of Boko Haram is un-Islamic. The type of bomb they are using is small. If we begin to throw bombs, nobody will stay in Abuja. We don’t manufacture bomb but we will buy them and dynamites. I started armed struggle in the Niger Delta. It is because of Goodluck Jonathan that we kept quiet.

“But soon, we will not be able to guarantee our patience any more. If Ijaw people should retaliate, every household in the North will cry. It is the North that needs peace more than us. Everybody must impress it on them that they should sheathe their swords and drop their arrogance.”

The former militant leader further said it was an insult on President Jonathan for him to be asked by Boko Haram to convert to Islam or resign his position. He warned that the Ijaw nation will retaliate should anything happen to the president.


6 thoughts on “There will be another civil war if Jonathan is impeached – Asari Dokubo

  1. I want to first thank you my brother Mr. Dokubo for warning those northern coward who camouflage under the name of islam (boko haram) by killing innocent southerners simply because of selfish interest politicians. There are churches in Tripoli the socialist people libya arab jamahariya and Gadafi didn’t kill christian. And how much do the northerners contribute into the Nigeria economy? Pls I will like to correct you Mr. Dokubo that you re representing not only the Ijaw but, Urhobo,Ishekiri, the Niger Delta and the whole southern region. Solomon.

  2. Tanks to u my big Uncle, l am proud. Dat GOD gave u to us d Niger Delta u ve been a hope to d hopeless, voice to d voiceless. D level of pains been inflicted upon d Christians by dis Boko Haram has come to it’s elastic limit n can’t be taken any longer. I really salute ur courage 4 coming out to let d world know dat d Niger Delta’s are not coward n can’t be treated as one in dis country call one Nigeria . May GOD keep u n c u through in all of ur life endevour

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