7 Ways To Keep Your Woman In Love And Happy With You



In the beginning of a relationship, you do nice things for your partner to impress her, rather than to make her feel good—that’s just a bonus.

by saint mienpamo 27 July, 2012

You want to show her what the package includes, should she decide to buy it. And so, unfortunately, once you’ve wooed her and won her, it’s easy to get too comfortable and stop making the large and loving gestures you once made. You think, “She knows that I adore her/find her attractive/am happy with her. So I don’t have to show it.” And, while she probably does know, once the effort goes out the window, so can the excitement of a relationship. And once that goes, your girlfriend/wife can start to wonder, “Is there something else out there? Is this what I want my life to be like?”

A few simple gestures could keep those thoughts at bay.

1. Silly gifts

Remember when you first started dating and every single trinket, CD, funny t-shirt and bag of candy reminded you of her and you were always bringing homes silly gifts? Don’t stop doing that! It shows her that, even on your busiest of days, you always keep a little spot in your mind for her. Little gifts tell her that to some degree, you’re always thinking of her.

2. Compliments

Sure, you’ve made love a hundred times over. She’s gotten dressed up for you even more times. She knows you find her attractive. But, complimenting a woman isn’t only about telling her that you find her attractive—it’s about boosting her confidence. Also, it makes her feel like you still get just as excited to see her as you did on your first few dates. Her appearance isn’t something you’ve become accustomed to, but it still perks you up and gets your attention.

3. Date night

When you fuse two lives, two groups of friends, two families, two careers, things get busy. So busy that, you both accept that alone time will be put on the back burner. You think, “We spend time together. We went to my friend’s birthday party last night and to visit her parents last week!” But, nothing can replace alone time. In order to feel close to you, a woman needs to feel focused on occasionally. Maybe just twice a month, plan a date night. Make it a long, all-night event that’s all about you and her. Your partner needs to be reminded that you are happy to be just with her, no distractions or other people.

4.Caring for her career

Another way you constantly keep your partner on your mind when the relationship is new is by thinking of ways to boost her career. If you meet someone who you think would be a good contact for her, you get their card. If you see a flyer for a class you think would benefit her, you grab it. You want to show her that you are supportive. Being a part of your partner’s successes and passions is a major bonding factor. It should never stop, no matter how exhausted you are by your own career.

5. Making her feel wanted

Of course you still enjoy sex. What man doesn’t? But, maybe now that you don’t have to work so hard to get it, you don’t work for it at all. Instead you just look over at her And ask, “Want to have sex?” But this doesn’t make a woman feel very desired. You don’t need to light up candles and talk dirty every night, but just to diversify things, every so often take her by surprise. Hop in the shower when she’s in there. Walk in the door from work and immediately push her up against a wall. Make her feel like you had to have her. A few incidents like that in just one month is enough fuel for her sexual fantasies for a long time. She will be dying to be with you after something like that.

6. Random texts

Now that you’ve been together for a while, maybe you’ve both accepted that you’re not on each other’s minds as much and that euphoria and infatuation has worn off. But, the instant she gets a funny or sweet mid day text from you, she is time warped back to when you first met. She feels giddy and adored. Sure, she felt secure before and okay with not hearing from you until you got off work. But, sending that little mid day text, maybe under the table in a meeting, says to her, “You’re my partner in crime. You’re my friend. A little interaction with you makes my day 100X better.”

7. Being proud of her

Every woman on some level wants to feel like a trophy. She wants to feel that, out of all the women in the world, she’s the only one you want on your arm. When you first started dating, you couldn’t keep your hands off her. Now, you probably look more like platonic friends when out at a party or bar together than a couple that is madly in love. Surprise her with some PDA (Public Displays of Affection). Next time you’re at a party and she is talking to some friends, come up behind her, wrap your arms around her waist and say, “Look at this woman. Did you know that I am crazy about this woman?” She will LOVE that.


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