SSS invite Pastor Tunde Bakare over sermon attacking Jonathan



The State Security Service SSS, Monday invited convener of the Save Nigeria Group, SNG,  and ex-vice presidential candidate’ Pastor Tunde Bakare for questioning over the content of his Sunday sermon asking President Goodluck Jonathan to resign from office.

Bakare, who is also the Serving Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, was invited to meet with the State director of the SSS at its Shangisha office in Lagos for a 2 pm meeting.

In a letter of invitation issued by State Director of Security for Lagos state and signed by Mr A. Salami stated that “I am directed to invite you for interview by the State Director of Security, State Security Service (SSS) at the Command Headquarters along CMD Road Shangisha, Magodo, Lagos on Monday July 23, 2012 at 1400 hours.

Accept the assurance of the State Director of Security highest esteem, please.”

The fiery Lagos pastor had on Sunday, July 22, 2012 delivered a sermon titled: ‘How to change government peacefully and make society better’, where he advised President Jonathan to resign from office.

Confirming the invitation in a telephone chat with Bayelsa new media team, spokesman of the Save Nigeria Group, Mr Yinka Odumakin explained that it was “ basically a friendly chat.”

Odumakin said “Pastor Bakare was invited and was asked to give them a copy of the sermon he preached in church, there was nothing extraordinary of outrageous in what he said. It was more of a cordial chat that lasted for one hour ten minutes.”

He added that “basically, they are doing their own job as the state security of the state and then, he is doing his own call to make the country better for the people living in the country. Everyone is doing his for as long as there is mutual respect. There is no cause for alarm. Like I told you, it was a friendly chat. He was invited for a meeting for 2 pm but he got there at about 3:10 pm”


5 thoughts on “SSS invite Pastor Tunde Bakare over sermon attacking Jonathan

  1. If d pastor given a chance to rule, can he be able to expres optimism of ruling d people of Nigeria? He should knw dat gospel a sway jurney and nt as office of d Presidency dat base on duration politicaly.

  2. My question to the so called pastor, is it government that called him to ministries or God called him. wit the look of things I doubt his calling as a pastor. Has he finished preaching the gospel of christ?there are un saved soul all over the world,Has he finish saving them?I think he has lost his focus.

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