B,R,E,A,K,I,N,G N,E,W,S Reps never threatened to impeach Jonathan—Emodi


Reps never threatened to impeach Jonathan—EmodI

Written by Isiaka Wakili Tuesday, 24 July 2012 19:14

The House of Representatives has never threatened to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan over the implementation of the 2012 Appropriation Act, his parliamentarian aide Senator Joy Emodi has said.

Addressing journalists in Abuja yesterday, Emodi said the only granted prayer of the original motion of the House of Representatives had nothing to do with impeachment.

According to her, the lower house is only concerned about the implementation of the 2012 budget with regards to allocations to ministries, departments and agencies.

“The original motion had only two prayers and after deliberations and an amendment by Honourable Ogbuefi Ozomgbachi, only one prayer was carried by the House and it had nothing to do with impeachment threat. What actually happened during the debate on budget implementation was that the minority leader, in his contribution, mentioned impeachment which was not even put to vote. At no time did the House resolve to impeach the president.


2 thoughts on “B,R,E,A,K,I,N,G N,E,W,S Reps never threatened to impeach Jonathan—Emodi

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