The initial rise of Nigerian literature beginning from the 1950’s saw an explosion of geniuses who would established theirselves as household names. That golden set of post colonial writers with reputable names such as Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Buchi Emechata, cyprian Ekwensi and etc. Carved out a place alongside their contemporaries from other parts of the continent, in Africa’s history of the last century. In that sparkling era, writers of the Izon origin also had a revered place. Gabriel Okara, John pepper clark and others vigorously represented the southern end of Nigeria in that era, then much later the environmentalist Ken saro Wiwa, 1995 ANA poetry prize winner Nenghi Ilagha and playwright Barclays Ayakoroma joined that league. But the progress of Nigerian literature rammed into a wall at some point. Partly to the moral rot that infected the nation and partly to technological advancements. A considerable factor could also be the scarcity of fresh hands in the literary world
Now, evidently, a new crop of writers are fast making names both inside and outside the country. Sadly, it is true that Ijaws are disturbingly underepresented, hence, the Izon writers review came into being
The Izon writers review was founded by Julius Bokoru. A popular poet, essayist for top Nigerian newspapers and foremost rights activist in Bayelsa state. The review, although yet to debut has already attracted heavy names to its ranks. John Idumange, SSA to the Bayelsa state governor on Research and social media is at the head of an advisory committee made up of notable professors. While famous writer Nenghi Ilagha is the chairman. There are also the likes of acclaimed poet Tonye willie Pepple, novelist Andrew Eseimokumor Oki and a host of other fascinating names.
The review will in no time find and establish literary talents in the Izon nation. Create opportunities for youths and reward hardwork and artistic creativity-something unprecedented in the Niger Delta region
The review in the coming weeks will be seeking the partnership of the Bayelsa new media team, Sentinel Nigeria, Naijastories and other literary platforms. The review will start as a quarterly online publication but in due course will feature creative writing workshops, annual anthology publications and ultimately the establishment of a publishing house.



  1. Maybe you should have had this feed edited for typographical errors before publishing it. And whose picture is up there? the genius who wrote this?

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